The Things You Didn’t Know About Carpet Cleaning

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We are professional carpet cleaners and have been in the carpet cleaning trade for many years. Furthermore, we are passionate about delivering exceptionally clean carpets. Alongside this, we are also determined to offer information and advice for our clients. We also put together the following information that you may not know about carpet cleaning.

Carpet Warranties

Did you know that major carpet manufacturers recommend that you have your carpets professionally
between every six and eighteen months? They even request receipts from the carpet cleaning Company. Why?

This is so you satisfy their warranty requirements. Without this evidence the warranty is no longer effective. Therefore, this is really important. Especially when some new carpets are now offering 20 to 30 year guarantees against carpet staining. Furthermore, make sure that you are fully aware of their requirements before coming up against any issues. Carpet cleaners are able to offer advice on this matter.

Carpet Cleaning Routine

Every home is likely to have its own cleaning routine with regards to carpet cleaning. This may mean a daily hover, or some areas need less frequent attention. There are many elements that dictate how often a carpet
needs cleaning. This may include room use, smoking habits, whether the household has children, dogs or location of the property in relation to main roads.

Heavily travelled areas of your home may require quarterly cleaning. The lesser frequented rooms may only need cleaning between every twelve to eighteen months.

Our Advice

The best advice available is to invest time identifying areputable local carpet cleaner. Wepride ourselves on our high rates of returning customers and others enquiringas a result of recommendations. This pays testament to the hard work that weput into cleaning carpets and building long-term working relationships with ourclients.

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