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Number 1 for Stone and Vinyl Floor Restoration and Cleaning

Your floor represents a big investment. Therefore it makes sense to look after it; we can keep it looking great and help it last a lot longer. Stone floor cleaning is a cost-effective service.

At Clearview floor care, we know that investing in hard floor surfaces is expensive. Starting with natural stone, through to porcelain, ceramic to vinyl floors and linoleum. Inevitably you will want your floors looking good and lasting as long as possible.

Professional Advice

Periodically you may need your stone floors stripped and resealed….. we can advise you of that! And don’t worry we don’t advise doing this unless they actually need it!

Fully Protected

You can also rest assured that we have full liability insurance. This means that your floors are fully protected during the stone floor cleaning process.

Once you have had your floors bought back to their best condition, why not let us keep them looking great ALL OF THE TIME? So that this is possible we have set up a regular maintenance program. Therefore you are able to keep in control of them without having to leave them deteriorate again.

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Why Clearview Carpet Cleaning?

At Clearview we pride ourselves on our excellent customer satisfaction, so we want to put your mind at rest and not worry about any part of the clean. Sit back, relax and enjoy your new clean carpets!

Specialists in Floor Cleaning, Restoration, Maintenance and Aftercare

Our refurbishment and maintenance program provides appropriate methods of floor cleaning, restoration and maintenance for most types of flooring.

ClearView Stone Care provides Marble Cleaning and Marble Polishing. This is combined with maintenance programmes for hotels, commercial offices and domestic homes. Finally, you can have old, sad looking, marble, deep cleaned, sealed and polished to a wonderful appearance. You’ll be amazed at the absolutely stunning results, returning your marble to a great looking condition.

One of the hardest natural stones on the planet, Granite tiles have been used in building for thousands of years. As a result, granite polishing is one of the most difficult and time consuming services a stone restoration expert can provide. Most of all, this is due to its hardness. However, our craftsmen use diamond pads to expertly remove scratches and blemishes, followed by a unique granite sealing and polishing process to develop a high shine.

Firstly, travertine is considered to be one of the most popular stones. Travertine tiles greatly enhance the look of hotel and commercial receptions areas, exquisite bathrooms and elegant floors. The sting in the tail? Travertine floors can be easily stained and therefore requires regular, professional care and maintenance.  Most of all: ClearView Craftsmen can clean and polish Travertine to absolutely stunning results.

Terrazzo is becoming extremely popular as more people are unearthing great looking floors which may have been hidden for years beneath carpeting. With new techniques and solutions for Terrazzo cleaning, removing spots, spills and stains you can expect wonderful new looking Terrazzo floors. Whether it’s a matt or high gloss finish, you have a wide choice of Terrazzo Sealing and Polishing.

The finishes on slate flooring tiles vary from rustic and traditional to very smooth slates that give a natural feel.  To avoid scratches and building up of dirt, regular cleaning is vital. Slate tiles can contain a number of vibrant colours which can be beautifully enhanced by our craftsmen when cleaning and sealing the slate.  Specialist slate sealer and colour enhancers will also rejuvenate and protect the natural look of the slate.

Like Travertine, Limestone is also considered by many to be one the most popular stones.  Limestone tiles greatly enhance the look of hotel and commercial receptions areas, exquisite bathrooms and elegant floors. The sting in the tail? Limestone floors can be easily stained and therefore regular, professional care and maintenance is vital.  ClearView Craftsmen can clean, seal and polish Limestone to provide absolutely spectacular results.

Terracotta tiles are traditional and authentic looking, possessing warmth, charm and character.  But theattractive, characteristic glaze of terracotta tile can be soft and prone to scratching, becoming dull looking. To regain that beautiful, warm effect, let our professionals, strip, clean, seal and re-finish your Terracotta flooring, to a matt or wet-look finish restoring it’s natural beauty.

New techniques in the manufacture of Porcelain and ceramic tiles enables the manufacturer to produce a tile which can look like most types of natural stone, including marble and therefore is becoming extremely popular. Our knowledge of Porcelain and Ceramic Tile Cleaning products and restoration ensures the best of Porcelain Tile cleaning, ceramic tile cleaning, grout cleaning and sealing.

There appears to be no let up in the surge and popularity of Porcelain tiles as a floor surface.  Amazingly, Porcelain can now be manufactured to look like most other stones, including marble, which can be confusing (and fatal) for the building owner and uneducated restoration company. For your confidence and reassurance; ClearView can use new techniques to clean and polish Porcelain floor tiles to a plush and lustrous finish.

Filthy tiles and grout lines? Give your tiled and grout floors that freshly laid look by having our craftsmen, remove deep seated soils and fats. We will revive filthy tiles and dirty, unhealthy grout lines. You will love how effective this grout cleaning and sealing system works, returning old tiles and grout to near new looking condition.  Book your tile and grout cleaning and sealing today

Sandstone is a beautiful and timeless stone which adds warmth, quality and luxury to any room in your home or business premises. To prevent ugly spots, spills and ingrained soil, Professional Sandstone Cleaning, Sealing and Maintenance is vital to maintaining the look and longevity of the Sandstone floor. ClearView craftsmen will restore your Sandstone floor and advise how you can best maintain it.

Marble worktop cleaning and sealing – overtime, your marble worktop becomes dull and scratched.  It obviously looses its shine and lustre.  Acid based spills such as soft drinks could etch and dull the stone.  Regular, cleaning and maintenance of your marble worktop is very important in order for it to maintain its lustre, shine, and attractive qualities that you loved so much.
Granite worktop cleaning and sealing – Granite countertops are beautiful and each piece is like your very own, unique work of art.  But Granite requires regular maintenance. Besides just cleaning your countertops, you’ll need to make sure the granite countertops are sealed periodically to prevent liquids seeping into the granite, preventing unsightly stains. Granite staining can be difficult to remove but often is achievable.

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