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First of all, we know that you want your windows cleaned inside and out by people that KNOW what they are doing. In addition we also know that you want it done at a reasonable price with the least amount of disruption.

Therefore we have built our internal and external window cleaning services around this!

We Ensure Quality

Quality, trust and reliability are an absolute must here at Clearview

Guaranteed Results

Should you ever find a window cleaning issue we would re-clean the area.

Here at Clearview we know the customer is number one. As a result we will always strive to give you the best possible service.

We can window clean using waterfed pole technology, reaching more than 60ft and using purified water. This cancels out the need to dry the windows. Most noteworthy, it also rules out lots of safety issues as this is done from the ground.

If you prefer we can also do window cleaning using the traditional method, up to three floors high. Either method will produce very good results.

We also clean internal windows to the highest standards.

Why Clearview Window Cleaning?

At Clearview we pride ourselves on our excellent customer satisfaction, so we want to put your mind at rest and not worry about any part of the clean. Sit back, relax and enjoy your new clean windows!

Important Note

If you are thinking of having your windows cleaned make sure you get the gutters cleaned first. Over flowing gutters can make windows that were just cleaned dirty again.

Why not ask us to quote for clearing your gutters... You may be surprised as to how inexpensive this service is.

Internal and External window cleaning

Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Bi Monthly, 6 Monthly or Annually

You have peace of mind knowing we have been through rigorous training by The British Window Cleaning Academy. While this is important, it is the ongoing experience that allows us to tailor our service to match your exact requirements.

We carry full liability insurance which includes treatments risk, which covers the item being worked on (this is a must but you would be surprised how many people don’t have it).

Clearview was founded in 1999 and since we have built our reputation with home owners as well as big name commercial clients, cleaning their windows, conservatories, roofs and frames.

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