Carpet cleaners in Amersham

carpet cleaners in amersham

Welcome to Clearview, professional carpet cleaners in Amersham. We’re committed to achieving excellent results and providing great value for money – whether you’re a domestic or commercial client, we can clean your carpets to a very high standard.

We use industry-leading carpet cleaning machines and products, plus we’re trained by the manufacturers themselves. All the products we choose are non-toxic, non-irritant formulas and are biodegradable as well.

Need help moving furniture ahead of your clean? Just let us know. We’ll be happy to help for just a small fixed charge.

At Clearview, we offer:

  • Insurance-backed carpet cleaning, with cover up to £5 million
  • Simple payment options to suit you
  • Specialist deep cleaning using professional equipment
  • A friendly service provided by fully-trained staff who will look after your property carefully
  • Deodorisation of the carpets, rugs and soft furnishings we clean to leave properties smelling fresh
  • Carpet protection through the application of a formula to help prevent future staining

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Insurance-backed carpet cleaning in Amersham

We have insurance cover up to £5 million: we want to make sure you’re fully protected when we’re working in your home or business property. To ensure this, we also offer treatment risk cover, which protects you against damage caused by chemicals and solutions.

While our market-leading products and professionally trained staff are highly unlikely to cause any damage, we still believe it’s important to protect you. After all, we believe any company working with chemicals should offer this type of insurance cover. Unfortunately not all carpet cleaning companies agree and many don’t have treatment risk cover in place. When you choose us, you can have full peace of mind.

amersham carpet cleaners

Carpet cleaning prices in Amersham

We ensure our carpet cleaning prices are kept highly competitive.
We have built up an excellent reputation for our services in your area and we’re committed to offering value for money.

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    amersham carpet cleaners

    Professional carpet cleaning for domestic and commercial properties in Amersham

    We are domestic and commercial carpet cleaners, adapting our services to meet your needs. We can come to your home to clean carpets as a one-off service, we can complete end of tenancy cleans, we can schedule in regular cleaning for businesses and we can clean carpets for any number of properties that you own or manage. No job is too big or small.

    We enjoy working in Amersham, with the Amersham Memorial Gardens, Amersham Museum and Shardeloes Lake nearby. We’re very familiar with the area and can bring our carpet cleaning services to any part of the town and surrounding villages. From the top of the Amersham Road, to Rectory Hill in the town centre, down to Village Road and Magpie Lane, we’ve got you covered for carpet cleaning.

    Is a deep carpet cleaning service a good investment in Amersham?

    Professional carpet cleaning can make an enormous difference – we’ve cleaned carpets that were going to be replaced and no longer needed to be. These are some of the main benefits you get from choosing a professional carpet cleaner:

    • Professional grade products. These will give carpets a deep and thorough clean, achieving better results than shop-bought products.
    • Safe cleaning solutions. All our products are non-toxic and are non-irritants. They’re also biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
    • Safer properties. Dirt and allergens build up in carpet fibres over time, especially dust and mite allergens. These can be particularly harmful for allergy and asthma sufferers but please don’t worry, as professional carpet cleaning removes them.
    • Longer life for carpets. Cleaning can lift out dirt and stains to revive tired-looking carpets. A full carpet replacement doesn’t need to be your first port of call – try a professional clean, which will be much cheaper.
    • Deodorisation for a fresher smell. We deodorise any carpets, rugs and soft furnishings that we clean, leaving behind a fresh smell and getting rid of stale, dusty odours.
    • Stain prevention. When we clean carpets we can also add a protective treatment. This works to prevent stains forming in future and you’ll have longer to clean up spillages.

    Why choose Clearview as your

    Carpet Cleaners in Amersham?

    We are expert carpet cleaners, here to help you achieve cleaner carpets in Amersham. Here are some top reasons to consider us:

    Full insurance

    – we have insurance cover up to £5 million, including treatment risk cover.

    Specialist cleaning using professional equipment

    – we’re trained by the top suppliers of professional UK carpet cleaning products.

    Non-toxic, non-irritant cleaning products

    – our solutions are safe and gentle, plus they’re biodegradable to help protect the planet.

    Furniture removal where needed

    – we can move and replace furniture when cleaning your carpet for a small fixed fee.

    A friendly, considerate service

    – your experience matters to us. We promise to ensure that you’re happy with our service and with the results we achieve.

    We offer a range of professional cleaning services as well as carpet cleaning, including commercial cleaning, residential cleaning, floor cleaning, gutter cleaning and window cleaning. Our team covers all parts of Amersham and the surrounding areas: Hyde Heath, Chesham Bois, Coleshill, Woodrow, Penn Street, Mop End, Beamond End, Amersham-on-the-Hill, Amersham Town, Amersham Common, Weedon Hill, Winchmore Hill and anywhere else in the vicinity.

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    $39 / mo


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    • Window Cleaning
    • 1 Livingroom Cleaning
    Window Cleaning Buckinghamshire
    $49 / mo


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    • 2 Bathroom Cleaning
    • Window Cleaning
    • 1 Livingroom Cleaning
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