Cleaning your conservatory roof [a guide]

conservatory roof

The addition of a conservatory to your home can be a factor of your property that you hold great provide over, and it can also be a great way to let natural light into your home. However, on those brighter days, these rays could highlight the streaks and grime that have been left on your conservatory roof by the weather and, before you know it, your mind is wandering into the ways in which you could remove them.

Before you cause harm to yourself or your home, we are here to advise you on the most effective ways to clean the roof of your conservatory. Of course, it will require some careful thought and if you feel at all nervous you should always request the help of a professional. Remember, there is the height to manage correctly and glass panes to clean with care – as well as those harder to reach areas.

What you will need:

Whilst the approaches for cleaning varied conservatory roof types can differ, you will still require more-or-less the same materials and equipment. These include:

  • A ladder that can stand on an even base, as well as someone to hold it steady from ground level
  • A telescopic or extendable window cleaner with squeegee
  • A pressure washer or hosepipe
  • A suitable cleaning fluid for your glass and uPVC frames
  • A microfibre cloth
  • A bucket of warm water

How to clean your polycarbonate conservatory roof

To clean your polycarbonate conservatory roof, you should combine warm water and your suitable cleaning solution and begin to cover the surface with it. Use your telescopic brush or microfibre brush to spread the cleaning solution into those hard-to-reach areas, before using your squeegee to remove it again. Your telescopic brush can then also be used to remove any fallen debris or grime from your guttering, keeping the roof of your conservatory spotless.

How to clean your uPVC conservatory roof

To clean a uPVC roof, you would follow the same process as polycarbonate. However, you must remember that uPVC can scratch easier, so you should take extra care with your tools, and you may want to place a towel between your ladder and conservatory surface to prevent marking. You could also use a uPVC cleaning solution with your warm water, which would work to not only effectively clean your glass and frames but also to protect them from damage under UV rays.

How to clean your self-cleaning conservatory roof

Self-cleaning glass works to clean itself, meaning that it doesn’t require any harsh chemicals such as those you would use to clean uPVC frames. As a result, it provides an effective clean that is both safer for both the environment and requires minimal effort from yourself.

To provide your conservatory roof with a streak-free, gleaming clean, use a solution of water with a small amount of washing up liquid to make things ever so soapy. Simply wipe down the glass and rinse it off with your telescopic brush or hosepipe, before removing any remaining water with the squeegee. Occasionally, the combination of slightly soapy water and your telescopic brush may leave behind a few traces of dirt and debris, but a simple wipe over with a microfibre cloth should be all that is needed to address the situation.

How often should a conservatory be cleaned?

The answer to this question could depend on different factors, such as weather conditions or your location. We would recommend a full clean twice a year to prevent the build-up of moss or debris. To prevent yourself from venturing up to great heights or risking your safety, it could be worth arranging your bi-annual cleans with a professional window cleaner. Along with their expertise and safety awareness, they will have tools to provide your conservatory roof with a gleaming clean, every time.

Here at Clearview Carpet and Window Cleaners, our team are on hand to provide you with an effortlessly clean conservatory, from the ground to the top of your roof. To enquire about our services, get in touch today. Give us a call on 01296 294304 or email us at

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