Revive your rugs this winter

Clean rug

The laying of a new rug is an addition to our homes which is always welcomed by all, but the action of keeping it looking brand new can be a struggle. Depending on the location of your rug, you may notice signs of aging, use and wear and tear becoming present sooner than you would like. The simple action of walking over your new rug is enough to flatten it’s pile, and a household of pets or young children could combine it with muck and grime – but all is not lost. There are a handful of ways in which you can revive your rugs with success.

Our top tips for reviving your rugs

We have gathered our top tips for restoring your rugs from every angle. Let’s take a look…

Snip it away

If your household contains pets, it’s likely you won’t be a stranger to snagging in your rugs. This is where parts of your rug are pulled out of place, making it look frayed or tattered. Luckily, there is a simple yet effective fix for this. Instead of pulling the thread away and risking additional damage, simply reach for your scissors and give it a little trim!

Remove those stains

Our rugs are no strangers to a stain here and there, whether it’s from shoes or a spilt drink. Either way, they never look great and so we’ve got a tried and tested home remedy that should remove those stains for good! All you’ll need is a can of shaving foam (yes, really!). With a simple spray, and having been left to sit for around half an hour you should be able to clean the foam away with a paper towel, leaving behind a stain-free rug which looks as good as new!

Be rid of those odours

Have you ever gotten close enough to your rug to be able to notice a foul smell? In some cases, you needn’t get too close before the lurking odours become apparent. However, this is a normal problem to encounter over time, and there is a simple fix. For this one, all you’ll need is your baking soda – trust us! Not only will it manage to erase unpleasant smells, but it can actually kill some bacteria at the same time, refreshing your rugs back to their original condition! Sprinkle the powder over your rug and use a stiff brush to work it in, before hoovering it up a good 12-or-so hours later.

Fluff it up

A loved rug can often appear over-used and aged, with its pile having been trodden down and decreasing its once-loved plush qualities. To recover it, you’ll need a simple tool called a carpet rake. This is a handheld rake with small metal or plastic teeth that, with a simple brush over your rug, has the skills to fluff it up and bring it back to life. Just make sure you brush in the opposite direction to the pile for full effect!

Call in the professionals

If the above options fail to retore your rugs to their original beauty, or if you are struggling to find the time or ability to attempt them, there is no need to stress. By calling in a team of professional carpet cleaners, you can sit back and relax whilst they get to work, using their expert tools and skills to reform your rug to its original state.

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