How to clean different flooring types


When you are cleaning your floor, it is important to make sure that you are doing it in the correct way. Based on the type of flooring that needs to be cleaned, it will likely need to be done in a specific way to ensure that it is left in the best possible condition. Whether your home features stunning marble, shiny granite, or any other hard surface flooring, you will need to know the right way to clean it without leaving marks or scratches. Take a look at our guide to learn how to expertly clean a few popular flooring types:


Ideally, your marble floor should be given a deep clean at least once a month to keep it in a good condition. You should begin the process by using a dry dust mop to get rid of any loose debris and ensure that you aren’t just moving dust around your floor with a traditional mop. Next, mix some soap with warm water in a bucket and fill a separate bucket with clear water. You can either use a special soap designed for marble flooring or just opt for a small amount of dishwashing soap. Place a soft mop in your soapy water and slowly work your way around the floorspace, before rinsing the leftover soap with clear water immediately afterwards to keep the marble from yellowing. Should your marble flooring be tainted by scuffs, you can resolve this issue by rubbing a dry tennis ball on the affected area.


When the time comes to clean your granite flooring, be sure not to use any products that will negatively impact the surface. Never use metal scrapers, harsh brooms, powdered cleansers, or steel wool on your granite flooring. As with marble flooring, you should fill one bucket with soapy warm water and another with plain water before cleaning and rinsing the entirety of your floorspace. You should squeeze the water from the mop after you have finished, and polish the floor dry in order to remove any excess water.


For your slate flooring to be cleaned effectively, it must be cleared of the dust and dirt that naturally builds up over time. Little stones and bits of soil can scratch your slate surface, so it is important to get rid of these before you rub them into your floor. By using a soft-bristled broom or suitable vacuum, you will be able to remove any debris that could leave a mark during the cleaning process. Next, find a mild slate cleaner to mix with warm water. If you use a cleaning product with harsh chemicals in it, the appearance of your slate tiles could be negatively affected. After you have gently mopped the floor, you can use a steam mop to remove any excess dirt and disinfect the floorspace.

Enjoy the benefits of a clean floor

Once your hard floor surface has been cleaned effectively, you will be able to see the difference straight away. When the floor is gleaming, the aesthetic of your whole room will have improved. Here at Clearview Carpets, we are experts when it comes to cleaning hard floor and natural stone surfaces. Call us on 01296 294304 or email to discuss your requirements for our professional floor cleaning service.