The importance of clearing your guttering

bird house gutter

Guttering may often go unnoticed, but it is in fact one of the most crucial parts of our roofline. Its purpose is essential in maintaining the health and stability of our properties, but if unmaintained, could lead to a range of costly issues.

What is guttering?

From home to workplace, you’ll be able to identify your guttering as the small, most likely black plastic, trough running the length of your roofline, at some point connecting to a downpipe that leads to a drain in the ground. Your guttering works as an essential part of your roofing system and has more benefits than you may be aware of, so long as it remains clear and can let rainwater flow freely in the correct direction.

Why is it important to have my guttering cleared?

Leaving a build-up of debris to congest in your guttering over time could result in a range of problems, all of which could require a costly repair. These include:

  • Damage to your fascia boards and soffits due to overflowing water with no other route to travel.
  • A build up of pests and insects, enticed to your property due to an overflow of water which has led to damp flooring.
  • Damage to your guttering itself due to the additional weight of debris and water. This damage could appear in the form of splitting or cracking.
  • The growth of mould around the surface of your property due to a build up of still standing water.

Can I prevent my guttering from blocking?

Natural elements, such as the weather, could lead to a build-up of debris in your guttering. This could include leaves, twigs and grit that have been swept off of your roof naturally with rainwater. Whilst these may seem harmless, they could lead to one of the afore mentioned problems if left unmaintained. However, there are steps that can be taken to prevent this from occurring.

  • Observation

A regular observation from ground level could be enough to prevent a blockage within your guttering. With each change of season here in the UK, there is bound to be a day of rainfall. During one of these wet showers, or immediately after, take the time to head outside and examine your roofline. If you are able to spot water falling straight from tile to floor, it can indicate that your guttering is full, preventing water from running into it and resulting in an overflow. You may also be able to witness water running down the connecting pipe and into the drain. Finding a build of mushy debris in your drain could also indicate the presence of a blockage above.

  • Arrange for a gutter clearing

If you suspect a blockage in your gutter or feel as though it could benefit from an assessment, you may wish to call for a professional. You should not attempt to venture up to your roofline alone without the knowledge, insurance and training that a professional would hold. As well as observing for blockages and providing an effective clear-out and clean, they would be able to identify any signs of damage, recommending the most suitable repair or replacement method to keep your roofline healthy and well-maintained.

At Clearview Carpet and Window Cleaners, our specialist team are on hand to provide your guttering with a clean that protects the longevity of your roofline. To arrange for an observation or clearing, get in touch. We are happy to help. Call 01296 294304 or email us on today and keep your home happy.