How often should you clean your carpet? [a guide]

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Hygiene in the home is something that everyone is aware of, but deep carpet cleaning can often be overlooked. With the golden but unspoken rule that your carpets should be vacuumed twice a week, we may blindly assume that this is enough. Then, when it comes to thorough cleans, we’re left in the dark.

So, how often should we arrange for a professional carpet cleaner? We wish we had a straightforward answer for you, but there are in fact a handful of factors to consider before determining how often your carpets should undergo deep cleaning. These include…

  • If you have children in the house
    As you probably expect, children often come hand-in-hand with grime and spillages. Whether they’ve been on a muddy adventure in the garden or they’re experimenting with their cup of juice, the carpet is bound to receive some punishment. Although spot cleaning can be highly effective in visibly removing these stains, deep cleans should be arranged every six months to remove any grime that has embedded itself within your carpet.
  • If you have pets in the house
    Our furry friends are great company, but when it comes to shedding fur or tracking in mud, they don’t have many manners – you’ll struggle to get them to wipe their feet before entering the home! Being lovers of a toasty carpet for their mid-afternoon naps, you may find that your carpet will require regular deep cleans. We would recommend two to three times a year, but you may find that you need to up the frequency of these during those wetter months.
  • If someone in your home has allergies
    Did you know that the fibres within our carpets are highly effective collectors of allergens, including pet hair and dust particles? Once these become embedded, it only takes the action of footfall before these particles become airborne. If someone within your home suffers with respiratory issues or allergies such as asthma, you will want to take the time to have a professional deep clean regularly, creating a safe and comfortable living environment. The frequency of these cleans depends on your household, lifestyle, and the severity of any allergies.

What if my carpet doesn’t look dirty?

Dirt and grime are extremely successful at remaining unseen within our carpets. Clinging to the base of the fibres, you may think that your carpet is spotless from first glance. By taking a closer look, subtle discolouration may appear and, without a regular clean, you may even notice a smell beginning to arise. Even if your home doesn’t contain children, pets, or allergies, we would still recommend arranging to have your carpets deep cleaned once every 12 months.

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