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Cleaning Carpets Buckinghamshire

Looking back through its history, the process of cleaning carpets has evolved quite naturally. It has, however, now come on leaps and bounds in terms of its product formulations and techniques. The Hot Water Extraction Process is a tried and tested method that offers exceptional results.

To achieve the cleanest results there are elements of the process that should not be forgotten. As with so many other things, if the first steps are skipped then the whole process can be thrown out. A methodical and considered approach is important and will pay dividends to the end result.

The Process of Cleaning Carpets

First it is important to ensure that the carpet is inspected; its type identified and all existing stains are noted. These elements will help to ensure that the correct products are used. What would happen if this step was skipped? It may be that the carpet is damaged or the stain is made worse.

Powerful vacuums are then used in order to remove all sand, dirt and particles. Don’t ever underestimate the importance of cleaning both corners and skirting boards. Any dirt left in these areas could worsen the results achieved.

Chemicals are then sprayed onto the carpet. This will work to loosen any soiling on the carpet fibres. Particular attention may be needed in order to treat more challenging stains. These may be oil, make-up or other such stubborn stains. This spray is then agitated into the fibres.

This is where the hot water extraction system plays its pivotal role. This system generates heat, water and pressure in order to remove all of the loosed particles. All are removed in order to leave an exceptionally and hygienically clean carpet.

Our carpet cleaning process offers brilliant results. Our prices are competitive and we will always got the extra mile to ensure that you feel you have received the best-available service. Call today to arrange a carpet cleaning quotation on 01296 294304.