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Rug Cleaning Advice Buckinghamshire

Being a rug cleaner can provide exceptional results. Rug cleaning can provide some cleaning challenges that can sometimes yield unsatisfactory results. Why is this? Rugs are placed on our floor coverings in order to protect them. Although with this allows us the confidence that the flooring underneath is kept clean, it means that our rugs experience high foot traffic and act as a filter for dirt, contaminants and harbours them.

This can often be magnified if the rug is placed in a home with pets. Pets will often find our rugs the most comfortable place so will use them to lay and sleep on throughout the day. This means that dirt and particles from their fur can be transferred. The oils from their fur will also rub onto the carpet fibres. There are many rug cleaner solutions available; make sure to select one that matches your rug type.

Although rugs provide both an aesthetic and practical benefit, they are often expensive and possibly delicate items. The following information has been put together in order to offer information and advice on how best to keep your rugs clean after our professional rug cleaning services.

The detail will enable you to preserve your investment and keep them looking at their best, for longer. Our rug care advice includes:

Regular vacuuming:

This routine practice will remove all dust, insects and other dry particles. These contaminants, if left, will work to deteriorate the fibres of your rug. They will act as sand paper to the fibres and will inevitably make your rug look unsightly. By having a routine that you stick to; it becomes habit.

Rug Cleaning Advice BuckinghamshirePrompt treatment of all stains:

If you identify a stain or spillage our advice is to ensure that this is blotted up immediately. All excess matter should be blotted up (not rubbed) in order to ensure that the stain is not left to work its way deep into the fibres. Make sure to use a cloth that will not discolour your rug.

Rug rotation:

A key part of rug care is to ensure that you rotate your rug. This will allow the wear to be evenly spread. Other influencing factors such as direct sunshine will also be evenly distributed.

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