How to Clean a Conservatory Roof

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A conservatory is a great addition to any home as they provide a living space that feels part of the outside. It provides a connection from our home to our garden and can be enjoyed all year round.

Inevitably the roof will collect dirt and debris that will need routine maintenance to clean off. This dirt, if left, can build up and look unsightly spoiling the clear view to the outside.

Making sure that you keep on top of this will enable you to reap the worthwhile benefits. This process does not need to be complicated and the following information will provide an insight into the conservatory cleaning service that we offer.

The Key to Success for a Clean Conservatory:

Conservatory Cleaning BuckinghamshireIt may sound obvious, however preparation is key! The cleaning method may alter slightly depending on what type of roof your conservatory may have.

The winning formula is to select an appropriate product and to have knowledge of the best methods of cleaning.

How do we prepare? It is important that access is considered as it is never recommended that you stand on the roof itself.

Access will sometimes dictate the method of cleaning that we use, however, we offer assurance that once your roof has been cleaned that it will look like new!

Our TOP TIP: make sure that you can see what you are doing and that your chosen access is safe!

We work methodically through the cleaning process, as follows:

Step 1: preparation is key; we collect together all necessary products and equipment. The area that we work in is always secured and we are fully insured.

Step 2: a soap product is selected in order to best tackle the specific dirt on the roof. Areas may require additional scrubbing if they have stubborn stains or dirt that has been left for a long time. We do not use any abrasive scrubbing materials as these will only work to damage your roof.

Step 3: we ensure that no residue is left on your roof. This residue will look unsightly and will inevitably attract more dirt.

Don’t forget… to clean the inside of your windows so that you can enjoy the full benefit of your newly cleaned conservatory. Call 01296 294304.