Why Cleaning Your Conservatory is Important

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Conservatories are extensions to your homes. Therefore, it is really important that they are regularly maintained in order to make sure they look as pristine as your home. Whilst bricks and mortar take much less care, it is vital to be well-informed about the best methods of conservatory cleaning. Why?

It will enable you to regularly maintain your conservatory so that major cleaning or fixing is less likely. A conservatory that is poorly maintained or looked after is likely to become damaged more rapidly and will inevitably look unsightly.

Therefore, regular maintenance provides a solution to elongate the lifespan of your beautiful home extension. We offer provisions to clean and maintain your conservatory so it’s able to look at its best. This means that the space is clean and inviting to both yourself and your visitors.

Possible Problems with Your Conservatory

The following have been put together to show some of the possible problems that create issues for conservatories:


Our damp climate contributes to this factor and inevitably means that this is unavoidable. Algae and moss tend to build up in areas and, if left, can be challenging to remove and clean. Professional help in cleaning these areas eradicates the problem and works to prevent further issues with regular support.

Dirty UPVC

When regularly cleaned UPVC is kept gleamingly clean and doesn’t allow for dirt to build up. Staining is possible on UPVC and is notoriously challenging to remove once it is left for a long time. Another reason to request regular help!

Dirty Glazing

As with all the other windows in your home it is important to clean the glazing on your conservatory. This really does help to offer a wow factor in your additional living space. There is nothing worse than sitting in a space that has been created to bring the outside in, and all you can see is the layers of dirty built up between you and that view.

Conservatory Cleaning:

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