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Carpet stain advice; we all try our hardest to look after our homes. Keeping our carpets clean is a huge part of that process. Even the most careful home owners can suffer from carpet stains. Identifying such a stain can often be quite stressful. This is because it is often followed by confusion as how best to approach removal of the stain.

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We offer a range of carpet cleaning services and removing carpet stains forms part of that provision. We have vast experience, combined with the industrial machinery needed to deep clean different types of carpets to their originally fitted appearance. Carpet stain advice can be really important.

Carpet Cleaning Images BuckinghamshireWhat is the process used to clean carpets? The initial stage forms as an inspection of the carpets. This allows us to identify the carpet type, what stains are present and how best to tailor the provision to achieve the best results.

Dry particles are removed from the carpets. This includes dirt, soil and grit, brought in from outside. The removal of such particles is incredibly important as if these are left, then they work like sandpaper, grinding away at carpet fibres.

The next part of the process is absolutely pivotal when discussing carpet stain removal. Pre-spray is applied. This is a micro splitting agent that works to separate the stain substance from the carpet fibres.

It is a true fact that an individual approach is needed for stains. This is where experience really does make the difference. Confidence is also key. The pre-spray is then agitated, gently pushing the agent into the fibres to ensure that it is comprehensively removed.

The water extraction process then rinses the solution. This is a really powerful process in order to get deep into the fibres. The carpet stain is effectively removed. The carpets are then left to dry fully prior to being used it or replacing furniture.

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